Zable Credit Card Review 2024: 4 Benefits and 3 Drawbacks of a Simple Credit Builder

Zable Credit Card:  A Honest Review

IssuerZable, a UK-based fintech company
Annual fee£49, waived for the first year
APR19.9% variable, creditworthiness-based
Credit limit£500–£10,000, depending on income and credit standing
Rewards1 point every £1 spent on everything else, 3 points per £1 spent on travel, food, and entertainment.
Welcome bonusFirst 90 days after account opening: 10,000 bonus points after spending £1,000.
Travel benefitsFree entry to over 1,200 airport lounges worldwide with LoungeKey, travel and vehicle rental insurance, and no foreign transaction costs.
Security featuresZable app: chip and PIN, virtual card, lock and unlock card, set spending restrictions, account management
Customer service24/7 support via phone, email, or chat
Official website

Lendable’s latest credit card, Zable, may have attracted your eye if you want to improve your credit score. Zable works like credit cards as a simple credit enhancement instrument. Its low credit limit and high interest rate are notable. The features, benefits, and drawbacks of zable’s credit card are explored in detail in this research to help you decide..

Zable credit cards work like regular credit cards but have different credit limits and higher interest rates. It works like for online and inNote that-store purchases and eliminates foreign transaction costs abroad. A thorough statement shows your amount, minimum payment, and due date each month. Bill settlement using the Zable app or web platform simplifies payment monitoring, account administration, and credit limit increase alerts. Monthly bill payment is automatic with direct debit.

The Zable credit card representative APR is 48.9%, or £1,189.68 on a £1,200 loan repaid over 12 months. Note this interest rate exceeds industry standards, emphasizing the significance of paying the amount in full monthly to avoid interest charges. Additional costs result from minimum payments delaying debt elimination.

A benefit of Zable credit card is its no-annual or monthly fees. Credit cards seldom have no penalties for exceeding the limit. Even with this forbearance, exceeding the loan limit lowers your credit score and may impair future credit acquisition. Balance monitoring and credit limit compliance are part of prudent management.

Domestic and international cash withdrawals incur 3% fees with a £3 minimum. Cash withdrawals earn interest immediately, missing the 56-day grace period of purchases. Given the charges and credit score risks, Zable credit cards should not be used for cash withdrawals.

Features of the Zable Credit Card

Many elements of the Zable credit card make it a trusted financial companion. i will analyze its credit card benefits.

  • As an appealing introduction offer, the first year’s £49 annual fee is free.
  • Depending on your creditworthiness, the 19.9% variable APR balances accessibility and financial responsibility.
  • With a range of £500 to £10,000, the credit limit is suited to your income and credit history.
  • Rewards System: Earn 3 points per £1 on travel, eating, and entertainment and 1 point per £1 on other purchases to redeem cash back, gift cards, goods, or charity donations inside Zable’s rewards program. Without point expiry, flexibility is added.
  • Welcome Bonus: Spend £1,000 in the first 90 days and receive 10,000 bonus points, worth £100 in cash back or travel credits.
  • Zable’s LoungeKey enables free access to over 1,200 airport lounges worldwide, improving travel. Vacation insurance, vehicle rental insurance, and no foreign transaction fees are features.
  • Security: With chip and PIN technology, Zable adds a virtual card for online security. Zable lets users lock and unlock their cards and set spending limitations.
  • assistance: Zable’s 24/7 phone, email, and chat assistance is outstanding. Website FAQs and Trustpilot evaluations help customers make educated judgments.

Benefits of the Zable Credit Card

A credit card for your travels and dining? Quit looking! Here are some of the Zable credit card’s many perks for foodies and travelers.

  1. High rewards rate The Zable credit card has one of the highest rewards rates in the UK travel credit card market. Travel, eating, and entertainment costs get 3% points, or £0.03 each £1 spent. Zable rewards your spending over the industry average of 0.5% to 1%.
  2. Flexible redemption options Zable offers flexible redemption options, showcasing freedom. Take advantage of cash back, vacation, gift cards, retail, and charitable donations with your points. Points may be transferred 1:1 to British Airways Executive Club, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, and Marriott Bonvoy. Limitless redemption options without blackout periods.
  3. Low annual fee: Zable offers affordable and high-quality services with a low yearly charge of £49, waived for the first year. Compared to the incentives, the charge becomes negligible after the grace period. To offset the cost, spend £1,633 on travel, food, and entertainment or £4,900 elsewhere. Unlike other premium travel cards, it’s practical without sacrificing benefits.
  4. Travel benefits: trip Benefits: Zeba enhances trip experiences. For layover comfort and refreshments, LoungeKey grants access to over 1,200 airport lounges worldwide. Full travel insurance covers medical bills, trip cancellations, luggage loss, and more up to £10,000. Per-trip car rental insurance covers damage, theft, and loss up to £50,000. As a bonus, no foreign transaction fees save up to 3% on overseas transactions.

Drawbacks of the Zable Credit Card

However, the Zable credit card has downsides. Drawbacks include:

  1. High APR: The Zable credit card offers a variable 19.9% APR dependent on creditworthiness. If you don’t pay your debt in full each month, interest rates might soon exceed the perks. Thus, the Zable credit card is not for balance carriers or people with bad credit. Apply for the Zable credit card only if you can pay your payments on time and in full each month.
  2. Limited acceptance: The Zable credit card is a Mastercard, hence generally accepted in the UK and overseas. However, certain shops, especially in rural locations, may not take Mastercard or charge a premium. You may wish to bring a Visa or debit card in case of acceptance or charge concerns.
  3.  Mixed consumer ratings: Trustpilot rates the Zable credit card 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 4,217 reviews. Some consumers complained about the card being refused, the app being glitchy, and the assistance being useless, but majority commended the card for its points, bonuses, and customer service. So, read the reviews and balance the advantages and downsides before applying for the card.

Is Zable credit card right for you?

Zable credit cards are basic but effective financial tools that boost credit scores via responsible use. With no foreign spending penalties, no over-limit charges, prompt credit limit increase alerts, and an easy smartphone layout, this card stands out.

A high interest rate, low credit limit, and cash withdrawal charge require caution. An benefit of the Zable credit card:

  • You want to improve your credit score.
  • Your credit card should not charge international transaction fees.
  • You know you can pay off the sum monthly without interest.
  • No cash withdrawals or large, unexpected purchases are planned.

The Zable credit card may not suit you if:

  • Your strong credit qualifies you for lower-interest and higher-limit options.
  • A card with incentives, rebates, or privileges is desired.
  • Your ability to pay the debt in full each month may incur interest.
  • Cash withdrawals or large, unexpected purchases are your goal.

As a premium travel rewards card with a low charge, the Zable credit card caters to regular travelers and diners. For individuals who can keep a zero monthly balance, it offers high travel, dining, and entertainment rewards, flexible redemption possibilities, and many travel bonuses. It may not be ideal for those with a balance, low credit, or acceptance and fee concerns.

The Zable website or app makes applying for a credit card easy. The application requires your name, address, income, and bank information. Successful application requires a credit check, age above 18, a UK bank account, and a minimum yearly income of £12,000. A quick and simple procedure, most decisions are rapid. Once approved, your card and PIN will arrive within 7–10 days, allowing instant use of your virtual card.

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