Stashfin Loan Review 2024: Is Stashfin Loan App Fake or Real

Stashfin Loan Review: Is Stashfin Loan App Fake or Real?

These interesting digital lending platforms offer immediate personal loans and credit cards to salaried and self-employed people. With interest rates starting at 11.99% per year, they say you can get loans up to Rs. 5 lakhs, and they’re all about giving you a lot of different ways to pay them back.

The important question now is whether Stashfin is really the best way to handle your money?. Let us tell you about the stashfin loan app’s features, benefits, bad points, and even what real customers have to say about Stashfin Loan Review .

Features and Benefits of Stashfin Loan App

  • Very Easy and fast application process: When you suddenly need a loan, Launch the Stashfin app or website on your phone. After providing basic information and KYC documents, you’ll be accepted immediately. Your bank account will receive the funds in 4 hours.
  • Fair interest rates and fees: Proceed to money. To help, Stashfin provides 11.99% to 59.99% annual interest rates. The gist? Your credit score, income, and desired loan amount all matter. Additionally, a modest 2% to 6% charge applies. What’s also cool? Paying off your loan early avoids costs.
  • Experience of Flexi Repayment: You borrowed the money—follow the regulations. Select 3–36 months. You may pay EMIs using online banking, UPI, or auto-debit. Change payment dates and amounts whenever you wish. 
  • Understanding the Credit Line Card: The credit line card from Stashfin is pretty cool. It works like a real card and can be used to get cash or swiped at any ATM or point-of-sale (POS). How much? Five lakhs or more. Fees are only charged on the money you use, not on the whole amount. What is the bank rate? A cool 1.67 percent a month. An annual fee? It costs Rs. 499.
  • Eligibility criteria: A amount of Rs. 15,000 must be earned each month by an Indian national between the ages of 18 and 60. Get your PAN, Aadhaar, bank account, and pay stub ready.!

Drawbacks and Risks of Stashfin Loan App

  • Interest Rates Stashfin could give you a big bill if your credit score is dancing in the air under the bar. Interest rates can go as high as 59.99% per year, which is a lot more than your other loan friends charge. There are late fees, bounce fees, and GST on top of everything else.
  • Customer support issues. Let’s say you want to talk to Stashfin but it feels like you’re talking to a wall. People are calling the customer service number all the time to say that they are being hard to reach. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack when calls go through and problems aren’t fixed.
  • Negative customer reviews: Stashfin is right in the middle of all the complaints. Trustpilot, Consumer Complaints, and MouthShut are all full of bad vibes. People complaining about the company’s bad communication, high rates, shady practices, recovery workers acting out scenes, and customers putting on a drama show.

Customer Reviews Stashfin Loan App

Online lender Stashfin offers personal loans and credit cards. It promises fast approval, low rates, and flexible payments.It appears that Stashfin consumers have left numerous bad reviews and concerns online. some problems include:

  • Every time you try to get in touch with Stashfin, it’s like yelling into the void. It’s like trying to talk to your cat it meows a lot but doesn’t answer, say people who have bought it. When your phone rings and your emails get lost in the Bermuda Triangle, it’s not the customer service dance you signed up for.
  • We also have to pay fees. For some reason, they forgot to invite you to the party. Some people say they were charged extra for everything, like signing up for a loan, getting their credit line increased, paying late, or even paying off their loan early. A bill came in the mail out of the blue, with no notice or permission.
  • Some customers say that their money just disappeared from their accounts, which is very scary. They were supposed to get a rabbit, but instead they got a loan act that evaporated. Attorneys’ threats and rude calls have been said to have happened. It’s like they hired loan collectors from a soap opera.

 It’s probably a good idea to tread lightly before jumping into anything with them. Maybe check out some other options and see what different lenders have on the table before you make any big decisions

Is Stashfin Loan App Fake or Real?

Stashfin Loan App Fake or Real: Stashfin loan app has many number of bad reviews and concerns from clients from people. Complaints all over the place, like bad customer service, crazy fees, and even some fishy business. Long story short, it seems like Stashfin might not be the trustworthy buddy you’re looking for in the loan world. Before you go in, maybe check out what other options are hanging around or give those different lenders a quick once-over. BE ALERT

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