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Numerous people use KreditBee, a well-known loan app that offers quick personal loans for various reasons. In the case of a medical disaster, unexpected costs, or just wanting to do some internet shopping, KreditBee has your back and it will get you the money you need within minutes. Here are some of some pros and cons of KreditBee that I will talk about for you. Is it secure and trustworthy?lets talk about it

KreditBee, through its very easy-to-use mobile app, KreditBee offers personal loans as a business tool. Starting in 2018, KreditBee has been run by Finnov Private Limited, a qualified NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) that is approved by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). KreditBee is proud of maintaining an easy, quick, and stress-free loan process that has earned it over 20 million downloads and 2 million happy customers.

Types of loans offered by KreditBee

You can get three different kinds of loans from KreditBee. Allow me to explain it in detail:

  • Flexi Personal Loan: It’s like having a free friend in Flexi Personal Loan! Pay it back when it is convenient you. Anywhere from 1000 to 1 lakh rupees can be obtained. Want to pay back in two to twelve months? Do not worry. Not even 1.02% a month, or 12.24% to 29.95% a year. Anything goes: pay your bills, buy food, fix your car, etc.
  • Personal Loan for Salaried: This one’s for you office stars who get paid every week! Seeking a little more? Get anywhere from 1000 to 3 lakhs rupees, and pay it back in 3 to 15 months. 1.02 to 2.49 percent per month, or 12.24 to 29.95 percent per year. Use it for the important events in your life, like school, trips, parties, and home glow-ups.
  • Online Purchase Loan: Hey, people who love to shop online! Want to treat yourself at one of KreditBee’s partner stores? you can Think about Shopee, Myntra, Flipkart, and more. Get 1000 to 2 lakh rupees, and pay it back in 3 to 12 months. Zero to one-five percent per month, or zero to eighteen percent per year. In addition, take advantage of the free EMI features and retailer savings.

How to apply for a loan from KreditBee

Applying for a loan from KreditBee is very easy and convenient. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Download the app: Get the KreditBee app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and use your phone number to sign up.
  • KYC Time: it’s time for KYC. Make sure you are who you say you are by uploading your PAN card, Aadhaar card, bank account, and a quick picture.
  • Select Loan Preferences: Pick Your Loan Taste:Pick the type of loan you want, figure out how much money you need, and agree on a comfortable time to pay it back. When you’re ready, click “Submit.”
  • Quick Approval and Cash on Hand: Please play the drums! Your loan is approved right away. If you blink, the money will be in your bank account in fifteen minutes.

Eligibility criteria and documents required for KreditBee loans

To be eligible for KreditBee loans, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You have to live in India and be an Indian national.
  • Please be 21 or older.
  • You must have a monthly income of at least Rs. 10,000 (for salaried loans) or Rs. 15,000 (for flexi loans).
  • You must have a valid PAN card, Aadhaar card, bank account, and mobile number.

These documents are required for KreditBee loans :

  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Bank statement (for the last 3 months)
  • Passport-size photograph
  • Address proof (optional)

Pros and Cons of KreditBee loans

Why KreditBee Loans Are Good and Bad


  1. As low as 1.02% per month, KreditBee’s rates are very competitive, and the company also offers free EMI and partner savings.
  2. User-Friendly App: The app makes things easy for users by making it simple to see the state of their loans, when they become due, and a log of transactions.
  3. Schnelle Bearbeitung: KreditBee’s method is completely online and doesn’t use paper, so approval and payment are quick—within 15 minutes.
  4. Alternatives that are flexible: Pick the loan amount, term, and type that work best for you based on your needs.
  5. Platform with Everything: In addition to loans, KreditBee gives a number of other financial services through a single app, such as credit reports, credit cards, insurance, and mutual funds.


  1.  KreditBee might not have the trust of rivals that have been around longer because it is still fairly new.
  2. You must have to pay a processing fee of up to Rs. 1,250, which is 2.5% of the loan amount. and also This fee is non-refundable and is taken out of the loan amount before it is paid out.
  3. Hard Criteria: Users may not be able to join because of tough requirements related to their credit score, income, or other things.
  4. There is a chance of taking on too much debt when you borrow money. It is easy to borrow money, but you could end up in too much debt. People are told to be responsible when they borrow money.

Customer Reviews

These are some Customers reviews to make educated purchases and also they help businesses improve quality and happiness.

Positive Reviews

Negetive Reviews

kreditbee app customer care number

Contecting to KreditBee

  • Call 080-44292200 or 080-68534522 from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm (excluding public holidays).
  • For inquiries, email [email protected] and expect a response within 24 hours.
  • To contact us, visit and fill out the form with your data and message. You’ll hear shortly.
  • Join there Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Direct message or remark.

In My Opinion

KreditBee is a great loan app that can help you very easily. You can get loans quickly and easily through their easy-to-use tool. and, get partner savings, low loan rates, and free EMI offers.

It is important to think about the drawbacks, though, like the high filing fee, the strict qualifying requirements, and the desire to borrow too much. Consider the pros and cons carefully before you taking loan from kreditbee. Do not forget that my article is not a professional review; learn more about the subject before posting.

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