Indiabulls Housing Finance Issue: (Important Updates 2024)

Indiabulls Housing Finance issue: A Leading Home Loan Provider in India

Let me tell you about Indiabulls Housing Finance, India’s home lending giant. They’re bigger and expanding quicker than your favorite shuffle mix.

Imagine Indiabulls Housing Finance as your home loan fairy godmother when you want a new home. Need a home? Makeover your crib? Or just balance things out? They helped with various mortgages. Did I mention interest rates? Beautiful and flexible

Home loan approval online? Check. E-sanction? Double-check. E-disbursement who wants hassles when buying a home?

Why Choose Indiabulls Housing Finance?

There are numerous factors that make Indiabulls Housing Finance a popular option among individuals looking for home loans in India. Here are a some examples:

  • Wide Selection: they have apartments, villas, plots, and commercial spaces! they provide personalized house loans in all Indian locations where you want to settle.
  • annual interest rates start at 6.75%, which is mind-blowing! They follow market fluctuations and the repo rate to provide you the greatest bargain. also there are a special offers and discounts for you!
  • Express Lane Processing: Buckle up for a gentle ride! Our smartphone app and online application make applying easy. Get approval instantly! Upload files, monitor your trip, done! Home loans arrive in days.
  • Paperwork? they mastered simplicity. Your identification, residence, income verification, and property papers are enough. Online or offline submissions welcome!
  • Repayment Wonderland: Bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly EMIs? Check. Step-up, step-down, or pre-EMI? Double-check! A pause? Absolutely! Tailor your loan tenure from 5 to 30 years. Want to dance now? Prepay or foreclose without breaking a sweat – no penalties

What are the Latest Updates on Indiabulls Housing Finance issue? (IMPORTANT!)

Latest Updates on Indiabulls Housing Finance issue To suit consumer demands, Indiabulls Housing Finance innovates and expands. Recent Indiabulls Housing Finance updates:

Rights issue launch dateFeb. 7, 2024
Rights issue closing dateFeb. 13, 2024
Rights issue priceRs 150 per share
Rights issue ratio1:2 (one share for every two shares held)
Rights issue sizeRs 3,693.4 crore
Rights issue eligibilityShareholders as of Feb. 1, 2024
Q3 net profitRs 329 crore
Q3 net interest incomeRs 800 crore
Q3 interim dividendRs 5 per share
Co-lending partnershipHDFC Ltd.
  • ⦿ On Feb. 7, they launched a rights offering to earn Rs 3,693.4 crore. If you owned their shares by Feb. 1, you were eligible. Imagine getting one sparkling new share for every two you have.It cost Rs 150 per share, 19.34% less than Tuesday’s close.
  • ⦿ Rewind to Jan. 31, 2024, when they released their Q3 financial reports. a net profit of Rs 329 crore, up 7.5% YoY, and net interest income of Rs 800 crore, up 9.6% YoY. An interim dividend of Rs 5 per share was added.
  • ⦿ The twist is a co-lending arrangement with HDFC Ltd. Together since Dec. 15, 2023, they’re creating retail house loans with a twist. HDFC gets 80%, Indiabulls keeps 20%, and Indiabulls performs the hard lifting. Low rates and higher loan-to-value ratios are caused by this dynamic pair. This lowers risk and this change the game.

How to Apply for Indiabulls Housing Finance Home Loan?

Applying for an Indiabulls Housing Finance home loan is straightforward. To apply for a house loan online, users can:

  • Visit the Indiabulls Housing Finance website or download the Indiabulls Home Loans mobile app on their smartphone.
  • Click ‘Apply Now’ after entering your name, cellphone number, email address, city, and loan amount.
  • Get immediate online home loan approval and e-sanction based on eligibility and credit.
  • Scan and upload identity, residence, income, and property papers to the website or app.
  • Disburse the house loan to the bank account within days after document verification and loan approval.

Customers can apply for a house loan offline at the local [Indiabulls Housing Finance branch] or by calling [customer care].

In Last

Indiabulls Housing Finance is your dream-home hub. They have an amazing selection of affordable goods and services, nterest rates bend like a pretzel yoga instructor. Imagine e-sanction, e-disbursement, and online home loan approval like magic for homebuying. Indiabulls Housing Finance makes your dream house true without hassle. Their goal is to realize your dream house wishes. Not merely a housing loan firm, they’re your trusted companion on this exciting adventure.

If you want a property in India, trust Indiabulls Housing Finance. Affordable rates, flexible repayments they have it all. Just steps from your ideal house!

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