CASHe Loan App Review 2024: 4 Benefits, and 4 Drawbacks of CASHe Loan App

CASHe Loan Review 

CASHe is a digital lending platform that provides instant personal loans to young salaried professionals in India. The app promises fast, hassle-free, and paperless loans from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 2,000,000 for medical crises, travel, education, shopping, and more. Big question is: Can we trust CASHe for a loan? In this blog, i am break down the features, advantages, disadvantages, and what customers are saying about the CASHe loan app to help you all to make an informed decision.

Features of CASHe Loan App

  • CASHe evaluates borrowers’ creditworthiness using their social media presence, income potential, educational history, and other characteristics using a proprietary algorithm called Social Loan Quotient (SLQ).
  • CASHe provides 15–180-day payback alternatives, based on loan amount and length.
  • CASHe charges a monthly flat rate of 1.5% to 3%, depending on loan size and duration. The app charges 2% of the loan amount + GST for processing.
  • CASHe lends without collateral or guarantee. The borrower merely has to provide PAN, Aadhaar, wage slip, bank statement, address proof, selfie, and corporate ID to apply for the loan.
  • CASHe claims to disburse the money within 10 minutes of approval under appropriate verification and validation. Loans are sent to borrowers’ bank accounts using IMPS or NEFT.

Benefits of CASHe Loan App

  • Fast and convenient: the whole application process happens online and takes just a few minutes. Approvals for loans are super quick, and you could have the funds in your hands within hours!.
  • Flexible repayment: you’ve got flexibility repay in 3 to 6 months and You can pay off your loan early with no extra charges!
  • Minimal documentation: Forget the paperwork hassle with Cashe! Compared to old-school loans, they keep it simple, minimal documents, making everything faster and easier for you.
  • Brand recognition: thisi app have over 3 million + downloads and is available in many countries.

Drawbacks of CASHe Loan App

  • High interest rates: Cashe loans have high annual interest rates of 24% to 36%. For higher amounts or longer payback terms, this might make the loan costlier.
  • Hidden costs: Some Cashe loan consumers have found hidden fees and processing fees. Prior to borrowing, read the terms and conditions.
  • Bad Reviews: Users have complained about bad service, delayed disbursal, and aggressive recovery. See these reviews before using the app.
  • Limited Loan Amounts: Cashe typically limits loans to ₹4 lakhs. It may not suit those with higher financial demands.

Customer Feedback of CASHe Loan App Review

 what people are saying about the CASHe loan app! i gathered reviews from various online platforms like Google Play Store, Trustpilot, and Consumer Complaints

Positive Feedback

  • ⦿ From Google play – “I’ve been using CASHe for over a year, and I’m really happy with their service,” said Ravi Kumar on the Google Play Store. Quick, clear, and I’ve never had a problem with it. Really suggest CasHe to people who need cash right away.”
  • ⦿ Google Play Store user Shweta Singh said, “CASHe is a great app for quick loans.” I’ve borrowed money three times and got the money back in minutes each time. Interest rates that are fair and a variety of ways to pay them back. Completely happy with it and will keep using it.”
  • ⦿ CASA saved my life in a medical situation, according to Rajesh Sharma on Trustpilot. I put in for a loan, was accepted in 10 minutes, and got the money in my account an hour later. Easy to rely on. Thanks, CASHe, for being there for me when things were hard.

Negative Feedback

  • ⦿ “Warning!” said Rakesh Kumar on Trustpilot. This company looks like a scam. Even after I paid off my loan, they kept charging me. It looks like the owner of CASHe, Yogi Sadana, is the key person behind this. They collect the same amount of interest every month, even if you pay early.
  • ⦿ Consumer Complaints from Ankit Patel: “I applied for a loan on January 16, 2024, and was approved the same day. However, it’s been 15 days, and the loan amount still hasn’t been sent.” Need the money right away. We humbly ask that you move the money.”
  • ⦿ “My EMI of Rs. 20,121 for February 2024 was debited twice,” wrote Sanjay Singh in a consumer complaint. The customer service team has not responded to ticket #21831686. Need the extra money back right away. Here’s a picture for your reference.

My Opinion

This app is being talked about by everyone who works with personal loans. Let’s say you are a young professional in India and all of a sudden! CASIn addition to offering quick loans with flexible payments and no credit check, he shows up and talks about them. High interest rates, bad customer service, and strict requirements to be eligible. This is the tea from the web. People are split up. But some people say things like “fraud” and “harassment” to describe it.

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