Top 5 Bad Credit Car Loans in Australia

LenderLoan amountInterest ratesMinimum requirementsWebsite
Money3Up to $75,000Not readily available, varies based on creditOver 18, weekly income $480+, Australian
SavvyNot readily availableNot readily available, varies based on creditOver 18, Australian driver’s
Zoom Car LoansNot readily available, requires pre-approvalNot readily available, varies based on creditOver 18, Australian driver’s
Ausloans Finance GroupNot readily available, requires contacting lenderNot readily available, varies based on creditOver 18, Australian driver’s
Liberty FinancialUp to $50,000From 7.99% p.a. (comparison rate 8.52% p.a.)Over 18, Australian driver’s

Important Note: These details in this table are accurate as of February 12, 2024, but they may change. Always visit the lender’s official website for the latest information and terms and conditions or search for our website Bad Credit Car Loans in Australia .

Do not let bad credit keep you on the bus for all time. There are Australian companies ready to help you get a car loan even if you have bad credit.  Picking the best one from all the choices.

my blog lists the pros and cons of top 5 bad credit car loan companies in Australia that help you make an easy choice. 



  • Huge Amount: Get up to ,000, which is plenty of money to spend on more expensive wheels.
  • Swift Application: An online process that is quick and easy will save you a lot of trouble.
  • Flexible Repayment: Plans that are made to fit your budget and way of life.
  • Simple to Join: If you’re over 18 years old, make 0 a week, and live in Australia, you’re good to go!


  • Higher Interest: Because they work with people who have bad credit, the rates may be a bit higher.
  • Focus on Used Cars: Most of the options are used cars.
  • Early Pay Fees: Be careful of fees that let you pay off your debts early.



  •  Bad credit expertise: custom solutions for people who are having trouble with their credit.
  • “Second Chance” car loans are chances for people who have had their cars repossessed or who have not paid their balances.
  • Reasonable Prices: worked with lenders to help you find the best credit option for you.
  • Simply Needed: You can go if you’re over 18 and have an Australian driver’s licence


  • Sizes of loans: The website doesn’t make it easy to find specific numbers.
  • Extra Fees That Might Apply: Keep an eye out for fees that go beyond interest.
  • You may have to pay back the loan faster than with other companies.

Zoom Car Loans


  • Large Lender Network: We look at rates from more than 30 lenders to find you the best deal.
  • High Approval Rate: Nine out of ten applications for quick loans are accepted.
  • Platform that is easy to use: It’s easy to apply online, and the process is clear.
  • Not hard to meet: you only need to be over 18 and have a driver’s licence from Australia to go!


  • Not Much About the Loan: To get specifics, you need to be pre-approved.
  • Utilised Automobiles The main point: It’s mostly for used cars and not so good for new ones.
  • External Lenders: Conditions may be different depending on the company you pick.

Ausloans Finance Group


  • Expert Team: Get personalised help from a group of experts.
  • Diverse Lenders: Look into choices that are compatible with various credit histories.
  • Options for flexible repayment that fit your budget and needs.
  • Simply be over 18 and have a valid driver’s licence from Australia


  • Details on the loan are limited; you’ll need to contact the lender for particular numbers that aren’t easily available.
  • For larger amounts, you might have to put up your car or other valuables as collateral.
  • Charges Not Clearly Stated: Detailed contact is needed to fully grasp all fees.

Liberty Financial


  • Not Needed as Collateral: The risk is lower because the car is not needed as collateral.
  • Adjustable Amounts: Made to fit a wide range of funds and car needs.
  • Competing Rates: No matter what your credit score is, you can enjoy low interest rates.
  • Easy Requirements: Only people over 18 with an Australian driver’s licence need apply.


  • Possibly Higher Rates: Interest rates might be a bit higher compared to secured car loans.
  • Loan amounts that are too small: this might not be enough for expensive cars.
  • Shorter Terms for payback: Keep in mind that the terms for payback may be shorter than with secured car loans.

Crucial Before You Apply:

  • Check Your Credit Score: Know what loan options you have and how much they might cost.
  • Create a budget: Adjust your regular payments to fit your current cash situation.
  • Look at deals from a number of lenders to find the best rate and terms.

Read them because they are important: You should know all of the fees, charges, and fines for paying off the loan early before you sign.

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